I don’t really have friends here. Mostly I have some cousin’s who I love and they are great, the best friends a girl could ask for, but I have no friend friends. Not like when I go to something like Blogopolis and my girls are all there. Or Brisbane for lunch and I can just be one of the girls talking life.

I’m coming down from having friends to not.

It’s hard.

I miss people and talking to them.

I tried harder a while ago. Even wrote a post about it. Made some new friends, felt great and then they moved. Sigh. Poor me. People heading off to get a life. And then I consider moving, say to Hubby, come on, let’s go. I say it’s about opportunity and experience. Really, it’s about making some friends.

I get lonely sometimes, writing away in my house or the Gloria Jeans office. I get lonely and consider what life would have looked like if I had done it differently. Stayed single instead of getting married. Been able to have kids or accidentally done so in those early days of marriage. Even if I had never left my home town rather than going and coming back.

You know what else sucks sometimes? When you realise that you are the one doing the chasing. And believe me, I’m a big fan of being the one who puts effort into relationships. Really, I am. But sometimes I think wouldn’t it be nice if someone called me, sent me a message, or visited ME for once.

You know. Like a friend would.

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