It’s true. I absolutely have a thing for sports movies. Almost any kind, boxing is perhaps the exception, I love them. I was watching the Martin Sheen movie, The Way last night and as I had a little cry (I usually do) I couldn’t deny it anymore. I love them. I love sports movies of ALL kinds.

I think it started with A League of Their Own. Then there was Remember the Titans. I progressed quickly through Varsity Blues etc etc. Seriously, don’t make me make a list. Football movies, basketball movies, running movies, and Cool Runnings counts yeah? All the movies. And if they are based on a true story, heck, EVEN BETTER.

Then last year I got into hiking movies. I have literally never hiked a day on purpose in my entire life. But I watched Wild, like three times, and I was hooked. Then my brother did the Kokoda Challenge (read that post if you haven’t it’s a gut wrencher) and I was like, maybe I don’t like hiking. Haha. At ALL. Then I watched A Walk in the Woods and was charmed all over again.

And no, I have no immediate plans to start hiking. 

I am NOT a crazy person.

Not this week. 

But mostly I was absolutely certain that there’s something in the struggle, the probable triumph and the friendships that just makes me a happy happy girl. Some people like stories about love, some like to be scared to feel something. Not me, I want there to be sweat and more than a little bit of good-looking male action. Phoar.

Which actually, there should be MORE movies about women’s sports. Don’t you think? Team sports especially. Wild was wonderful but give me more League of Their Own type goodness. Ensemble cast, mateship, all the good things. Yes, let’s make THAT movie. What was that soccer team that won the thing not that long ago? Disney had better get their butt on that. I’d watch it.

So there you go. That’s the update from me. I love sports movies. I want more made about women. And last but not least, I’m never going to be someone who hikes on purpose. Haha. 

What’s your favourite movie genre?

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