Last night when I wrote this morning’s post I was sad, annoyed, frustrated and a little bit angry with myself. Through writing it I was reminded of everything that I want for myself. What my goals are. Why I’m doing this. I know why. I know what I want for myself. I just needed a reminder.

Thank you all for weighing in with your thoughts and comments. Thank you for cheering me on as you always do. You guys are WONDERFUL. I don’t know what I would do without this space. I’m lucky to have managed to make it this far with a community of genuine, loving people here. You are part of my network. Part of the team and for that, I am SO grateful.

I say that and overnight there was a troll on a new fashion friend’s blog.

This troll decided to take the time out to criticise my friend’s outfit, her styling and personal presentation, something she values highly. They went on to say she was ‘week’ and should admit she just couldn’t lose weight. I cringed because my personal revelation about how hard I am trying to do this would have been to that troll more validation that all fat people secretly want to lose weight and be thin. I hate that I validated that comment in any way. I hate that through my own desire for more that I gave them fuel for their fire. And that irks me no end.

So I want to say this;

I’ve had every test, blood test and probe known to man. I am trying to conceive remember? Three and a half years and counting. I have been tested, pushed and shoved. Did I mention probed? The sad state of affairs is this, I am fit as a fiddle. My sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure {except, when kept waiting too long at the Dr’s office,} and whatever other measures there are, are ALL normal. Except for my BMI. And when it comes to a rowing machine or stationary bike, well Troll, I’ll RACE YOU. And don’t even get me started on the weights.

I AM healthy now. I AM fat now. I AM in good working order so your ‘evidence’ that all fat people are lazy, food scoffing lumps is bull shit. Body shaming is NEVER okay. Your assumptions are ridiculous. Your mind closed. And when all is said {ranted} and done, who died and made you the body police? Huh!? Like my Uncle said on my Facebook page this morning ‘You don’t have to be skinny to be healthy. Everybody is different.’.

Amen Uncle Rod, Amen. I’ll see YOU at the gym.

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