I’m sitting here tonight. Blank page open. Thinking and wondering about what I’d like to write. I have an outfit post scheduled for the morning {a flash back one, photos from when I was a red-head}. So I really don’t have to post. but I was interested in seeing what showed up, anyway. And it got me thinking. I feel like I’ve covered EVERYTHING. Like, every. Single. Thing.

We’ve done blogging and food. Recipes and travel. Life lessons and fashion. Lists and photos. Ramblings and serious thoughts. Random posts and deliberately constructed posts. You’ve heard about my family, my relationships, my uterus, my car, my job, my LIFE. I feel like it’s all here.

What if I’m done. I thought. What if that’s it. That’s all she {me} wrote?


And then I thought I’d write this post about writing about everything instead. Not done apparently. Soooo not done. But I do have a question for you all. Tell me, do you have any questions for me? Do you have a story you’d like told? My view on something or the other? Well this is your chance. It’s time to tell Suger what to blog about. I may not listen to you, but heck, what’s the harm in trying. But if it grabs my attention and is my story to tell, I’ll be happy to share.

So go on, question time, shoot!

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