It turns out that I am probably for blame when it comes to the recent  flooding in Gympie. Well, at least 18 months worth of it anyway. This was proven this morning when for the first time in almost a month I washed my car yesterday. It was as disgraceful as you are probably imagining. I want to kick my own ass, don’t worry about it. But back to the story. This was proven this morning when it STARTED TO RAIN. We’ve had virtually no rain for the past month. None. Nil. Zip. Zero.

Well that I can remember but I’m not going to let that come in the way of a good story.

You see when I purchased my car I washed it fortnightly, sometimes even weekly in that flush of newness and wonder. And every time I did it rained pretty much straight away. Over and over again. Wash and rain, rain and wash, wash and rain… Well you know what over and over again means. It rained so much there was yet another flood event. Now I can see the connection I feel a little bad that I was so swept up in my car maintenance. Won’t anyone think of the children..!? Well that’s a bit much. Moving on.

And let’s not even talk about the correlation between me doing my hair and rain! Sheesh. Do you ever feel like you’re linked to the weather somehow? Not necessarily that you CONTROL it. Just that you and it are on talking terms, that you agree? Well I feel like that with the rain and my car washing. Please tell me I’m not the only one? Tell me your knee acts up when there’s a storm coming or something. Make me feel a little more normal.

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