This fine Wednesday evening I was sitting here thinking that maybe this time I just wouldn’t make it with a new post. Nothing really to say. No words coming. Then I remembered that that was the whole point. I’ve skipped days, for sure. But there was no good reason, so I’m here.

Practising a habit.

This blogging every day thing has me thinking about the habits we form. How easy it can be to fall into new ones and out of old ones. I had habits in my life that served me that I’ve let go and I hate that I did. There are others that I’ve picked up that I’m not too keen on either.

It occurs to me that all we really are is a collection of things we do and don’t do. That might seem obvious, but I really get it. I’ve watched things change, opportunities come and go, and it’s all based on habits formed one by one. The way we act, not the things we say, that is what really makes up who we are.

Words don’t mean a thing.

Not really. Actions and the things we do are what mean something to ourselves and to the people around us. Actions are what define who we are and where we’re going. And I think daily blogging taught me that. Even if sometimes I write these things and I think, who the heck actually reads this stuff.

I mean, who’s out there reading blog posts at 10 pm at night anyway? If you are, you’re welcome, of course. I’m glad you’re here. But I also figured out that that doesn’t matter. Writing gives me clarity and it makes sense of my life. I’m glad whoever arrives here arrives, but I also don’t care anymore. For the first time in a long time, I’m doing this 100% for me.


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