Boys, boys, boys. Love you Kel but tell me it’s my job to cook you dinner and I’ll kick your bum. 

I don’t get this celebration of men carrying out household chores. I also don’t get who sat down, after the 50’s and decided men’s jobs, women’s jobs. Before you lynch me saying I have no grip on reality hang in there. You can say it to the end. I was born in the eighties. I didn’t have to fight for a number of rights that the women before me did. I especially didn’t have to fight for them in my own house. 

Let me tell you about me. I was raised by working {out of the home, business owner} parents. Plural. They had some assistance three days a week. I was raised on 400 acres. I had cousins just down the road from me. We rode the bus to school and to sporting commitments on Saturdays. I was independent. I am the eldest child. My father always cooked dinner and Mum did the dishes. And sometimes they switched. Whoever was home would often start the washing machine. My mother would do the ironing and sorting.

And it all just kind of worked. Piece by piece. Job by job. Child by child. 

My point is that there ARE NO RULES unless you say there are. And unless we each set the rules for our relationships, interactions and yes, even our houses, the boundaries, in a way that suits us then we have no one to blame but ourselves. While we celebrate our partners, fathers and sons making a contribution to household chores like the second coming has come, we continue to relegate these tasks as women’s work. 
Probably a simplistic view. And doubtful that it will necessarily be popular. I know that working from or for the home may cause this to be different. But I don’t put that down to gender. I think it’s more job description. Yup. I totally said that out loud. I’m cringing on the inside here.

Go on. Tell me what you think, what’s your opinion!? 

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