Pop over and read this article if you would please. The rest will make sense after you do. I’ll wait here for you.

*hums elevator music*

Right. Welcome back. Now wasn’t THAT something!!? 

Maybe this boxer shouldn’t have done what he did. But then, maybe the other dude shouldn’t have harassed him on Twitter for months on end. Maybe the world has gone crazy. Maybe twitter might seem a little more ‘real’ to these troll types if they thought the person they were bullying {in this case a boxer, derrr Fred} might come to their house for a few words!

You know, hunt them down where they sleep! 

It’s a scary prospect the thought of a boxing champion {former, that’s what the issue was, I think} coming to confront you. Trained to beat people they are. I’m sure most of them are nice family guys and nothing to be scared of. But do you really want to be the one to test that?

Not me. I’ve never thought it was a good idea to taunt them. Seems a bit unsafe to me. That’s not a battle you are going to win. So boy oh boy did I laugh when this internet hero, this keyboard warrior got what was coming to him… I’m feeling very eye for an eye on this topic. Curious, that’s very unlike me. But in this case, I don’t care.

Sure old mate troll probably poo’ed his pants a bit. But heck, at least he took the time he spent cowering in the cupboard under his stairs* to think about what he had done. The HUMAN BEING on the other end of his taunts. He apologised and hopefully that’s one less troll on the interwebs.

Because of that, I’m glad the boxer did what he did. But I’m especially glad that it turned out okay for everyone in the end. No punches thrown and all that.

What do you think? Was it a bit silly of Boxer dude to go to confront him, or did old mate get what he deserved? 

* I made that bit up. But you can picture it too, right? 

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