My colleagues and I huddled around the kettle, desperate for the warmth provided by even the most revolting instant coffee. Hopping from one foot to the other in an office that is too warm not to be air-conditioned and too cold for the cooling system, hoping that someone would find the balance soon. We got to talking about wearing pink fluffy slippers to work. I’m sure this has happened to you. It’s happened to almost everyone. The wearing your cute slippers around the house only to jump into your car and find yourself at work still in them. Usually of the pink bunny or equally embarrassing variety.

You’ve done that right?

Well, we were sharing stories of that and it reminded me of a day last week I took that slippers stories and raised it. That was a poker reference, did you get that? Anyway. To the gathered crowd I recounted the story that I’m going to tell you all now and it had never happened to them. That awkward moment when you tell a tale certain it’s happened to a million people and it hasn’t. Uh oh.

My tale goes like this.

It was a chilly morning last week and I’d returned from the gym, showered and wrapped in a damp towel was headed to my robe room to get dressed. I was seriously reconsidering this robe room plan with the cooler months fast approaching. Damp towel, cool morning. I was frozen. I quickly pulled some items from the shelves and started putting them on. I realised with my bottom half covered and warm that I didn’t have a bra at this end of the house.

Can you see where this is headed?

So I pulled on a tank and jumper. I’d grab one from the laundry on my way past. There were dozens hanging from drying racks there. No problem. I went about my morning, packed my green smoothie, found my missing shoe. You know, the usual. Then having loaded it all into my oversized handbag already crammed full with the usual stuff I was on my way.

Only when I hit the open button for the garage door did I realise that it was indeed a little chilly out this morning. In one area in particular. Apparently bras, which I was missing, provide excellent cooler weather warmth. Gah! I’d been on my way to work without a bra. The office that complains that my maxi dresses are too casual for time on the reception desk. Imagine their surprise if I came with no bra and rather alert nipples thanks to the cold.

WHOOPS. I dashed back inside, thanked whoever is in charge of such things for the reminder and put on a bra. I was tempted to put on two such was my freak over of having almost forgotten. The end.

So tell me, PLEASE, am I the only one who has almost left the house braless due to a forgetfulness moment? When did you realise? Did you have time to go back? Or is there always time to go back? Haha.


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