Not a big deal but it’s newsworthy because today I FINALLY got my mojo back in terms of writing some posts. I’m set up on the dining room table, magazines and junk strewn everywhere. I’m on a roll. So I asked nicely if he would make dinner, despite the fact I’ve been home for hours now, and he is. he’s a good egg that Hubby of mine. 

A good egg.

Saturday at Liv and Ben’s party he could tell I was a little nervous to be meeting all these new people. I always am, no matter what. So he stayed close and managed my clinginess until I finally found my feet and just jumped on into conversations. That’s a bit special too, don’t you think? It shows care and concern. Even if he did have a couple of beers in just as many minutes and kept saying, you look uncomfortable. Awkward even. You look uncomfortable. Gah. I almost clipped him one. Thank goodness I’m not the violent type.

Then he drove me home Sunday so I could make my Dad’s birthday lunch when I was not fit for driving anywhere. I’m pretty darn grateful for him. Not because he’s doing anything particularly special for a decent man, but because he does it easily, it just comes from him and without complaint. He just has Melissa radar and he knows what I need when I need it. It’s a gorgeous thing and something I adore about us.

Too bad those skills don’t extend to choosing birthday presents though.

He pretty much sucks at that.

Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

And I’ve won plenty.

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