Okay. So the title may have been a wee bit misleading. Haha. This is NOT a Christmas story. This is a story about a boy who loves Hungry Jack’s frozen blue flavoured Fanta thingies and his wife. Thankfully. It’s a tale of a blogger who was loved very much. And the man she loved. Me and him basically. Him and I and the bribery it takes to get my photos taken, how I turn into the wicked witch sometimes, the perks of this blog, how much he enjoys them and life in a blog household.

And now it turns out the intro took basically everything I wanted to write. Darn it. I am clearly not the writer of fine Christmas/Non-Christmas tales. You see I thought it would be interesting to give a little insight into the working of this blog. The behind the scenes push and shove, give and take that is required to deliver content on this blog and the social media platforms on a regular basis. Let’s see what else I can think of…

It requires one Hubby. Bribed with movie preview tickets and frozen cokes. It requires patience on his behalf as I, in a very Diva’esuqe way, place demands for photos, specific in their vagueness, whine about my face {despite claiming time and time again to be over myself by now, sometimes it creeps in} and the way I stand. It takes him cooking dinner sometimes while I edit photos, even though it’s against the house rules for him to cook. He’s too messy.

Then it takes the taking of selfies grinning madly with his wife, usually sticking out his tongue or something to make it uniquely him. Smile nicely, I beg. He does try to conform to my request but can’t for long. I’ve usually missed it and settle for his best blue steel look instead. A camera he can mange but somehow he always manages to angle the iPhone weirdly so I look like a giant headed, tiny feet person. So I complain about that.

Then sometimes I’m sweet and charming and loveable. He asks what I’m up to. I side smile {you know the type, the one with half your face} and bat my eyelashes and he knows. I’m up to something all right. Say goodbye to tidying the office, that half-finished lounge room project. I’m moving on. This blog, it requires him to be supportive of me and he is, in a way I never imagined anyone could be. He also chooses the perfect moments to remind me that while I do great things for people sometimes, I am as Liv always says, just a jerk with a laptop.

It takes a team to run a blog like this. My tripod was never as much fun, nor as good for my relationship. My laptop and I in a coffee shop are a great team, but my Hubby sitting nearby is even better. I love when he sits opposite me in the coffee shop, reading the paper in the tiny gap left on the small table with my laptop between us. I glance up, I see him there and smile. I smile because he’s just so freaking wonderful. I smile because he looks a little like a T-Rex reading in that cramped space so I can have the room I need for my gadgets. And it just about sums him up. Not the T-Rex bit. The bit before.

Blog spouses, got to love them. Do you have one? Is he/she wonderful and bribe-able?  

And tonight, it’s perk night, I’m taking him to the Thor movie preview and I’ll probably shout him a frozen Fanta thingy. You’re welcome Hubby. You’re welcome. And just quietly there will probably be outfit photos to take. But then, you knew that already.


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