I received an email this week, an email from a {lovely, charming, gorgeous} reader who was concerned for us all. Us being Bloggers. There was a fight raging and she wondering where to from here. What would happen to us all. And bit by bit the week revealed itself and people’s real commitments did too. This is not a post to comment on anything that happened. Nor a post that implies that anyone HAS lost their mind. This is a post to stop us all from dropping off the edge into a swirling, whirl of oblivion and our own egos. Me included. So take it or leave it as always. But here’s what I think it takes to keep sane when a bit percentage of your life is spent online.

Assume people mean well. Unless they prove otherwise. Then block or bar as necassary and shut the door.

Take plenty of time out to squish your toes in the grass, smoosh your face into those you love and sniff the roses.

Be kind above all else, be kind. To yourself mostly. Then others too.

On your blog, do what makes you happy. It’s the only point. Full stop.

If there is a comment that makes you angry, don’t reply. Maybe ever. But for a while at least. Cool off.

Remember you are an online publisher, not a teenage girl. Would you still stand by that tomorrow?

Be brave.

Be smart.

Be yourself. 

Be ONLY yourself.

Find people who inspire you. Stop reading those that pull you down.

Enjoy it, or stop doing it {that bit of advice always slips in there somewhere!}

And never, ever forget that there are some things you just can’t take back. Or un-see for that matter.

What’s your tip for staying sane in blog world?

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