Today I was on an adventure to show my car to three groups of people interested in buying it. Excited just to take a drive, drink some coffee and eat some sushi, I fuelled up Jazzy the Jazz and off I went. Cash in hand and Stocklands gift card in my purse, off I went to my first destination. Maccas Gympie. It was a short trip.

There I met Greer and her Mum. Greer had possibly the most beautiful hair ever. And other than a few highlights it looked completely natural. Ashy blonde, gorgeous curls. Some girls have all the luck. Any waaaaay. While Mum and I had a chat an old dude parking his ancient forest green car almost took out Greer and Jazzy’s door. Not a great start.

It went even worse when I told them Gympie’s Sunday trading was due to start next month after they mentioned they had a day to kill. A whole day while the men folk were being all sporty. I felt their pain, there’s only so long you can wander through junk shops and drink McCafe coffee before you go mad. I know, I’ve tried.

They seemed interested but since they didn’t write me a cheque with a flourish and demand the car then and there so I was on my way to the north side of Brisbane. Beep beep. Coffee in the cup holder, water bottle at my side I hit the road. it was easy going on the roads today, apparently the police crack down on the whole keep left unless overtaking thing has worked wonders. Nothing clear sailing for pretty much the whole journey.

I arrived 40 minutes early to my second viewing date so sat in the sunshine and took photos for Instagram. Of course. I realised I’d worn the jumper tunic that is a little too short for tights and is kind of a see through knit. Oh well. Too late now. I greeted the second car lookers with a wave and a smile. We got to chatting about the car and I pondered his perfect radio voice and her also perfect hair. Natural copper-red and curly.

I hopped into the back seat and we went for loop on the motorway, past a service station and back to where their car was park. We talked the whole time about internet fraud and the scams people try to pull when you’re selling a car online. A common conversation with all buyers it turned out. Turns out they have a friend who is a cop in the field of internet fraud so they weighed in with some great tales.

And again there was no cheque book waiving, just a few questions about how to handle the transfer if and when it was to occur. They were more reserved than the first inspection, contained. I couldn’t help but wonder if this wasn’t exactly what they were looking for. So I updated my status and set off to Hamilton where I was meeting the last group of the day.

I waited for a while {I was early} flicking through all the social media sites. Texted Hubby an update and drank the last of my water before realising that I really shouldn’t have done that when no toilet stop was in my near future. That was quickly brushed aside as I met a sweet couple who looked a similar’ish age to Kel and I. They needed room for him to carry is instruments and a car seat mount or two. I liked them immediately.

It’s hard work this choosing a new owner for a car you’ve loved thing. But I had three very good candidates in the people who I had met. I told them I had plenty of time and we drove past some of the most gorgeous homes Brisbane has to offer. But on this third and final test drive I noticed that this couple wanted to do an awful lot of u-turns and three-point turns. and it wasn’t the narrow winding streets. I asked why and they explained that she found his larger car really heavy to turn and almost impossible to three-point turn. The world makes sense again.

I waved them off, still no cheque in my hot little hands. I assume that this couple are more Internet banking than cheque types. That led me to wonder if there were any cheque people left out there at all? And seriously would you hand over your car to someone who wrote a personal cheque anyway? My entire imagined plan for the day had been flawed from the start, I think. Oh well. Must find a loo.

On the way home  I stopped in at Caloundra. I picked up another Revlon Lip Butter {Raspberry Pie} and a new Napoleon mosaic compact {in the pinks} to replace one I’d dropped and ruined about 12 months ago and had never gotten around to replacing. I tried to buy a coffee for the road but they had shut down the machine. A girl even shook her mop at me to place the appropriate emphasis on this information as she conveyed it. I can take a hint so I went home coffee’less.

Despite this I drove home humming, new lippie on my lips and ombre hair flapping in the breeze. Glad to be heading home to hubby. It’s nice to drive. I did miss my new car today though. My iPhone almost went flat {no usb port}, I couldn’t make calls on the road {no phone connectivity} and the only music I had was an old scratched Michael Buble CD and the radio {same as before}.

And that was my Sunday. Over and out.

Ok, so that title was a little preemptive, but I’ve got a good feeling about this. I feel it in my waters. And from what I hear, lady bloggers are allowed to feel things in their waters and then blog them. It’s a done thing. Promise. Not that I’ve ever really mentioned MY waters nor would I know where they are if someone asked me to point in their general direction… Any waaaaaay, I’ll keep you posted. About the car. Not the waters.

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