learn how to manage your money

Clean up your act.

The thing I struggle with most is knowing what I have coming in and going out, managing payments and keeping on top of my data entry, filing and by extension, my taxes. If you’re like me the time to clean up your act is now.

Is your area clean and clear and manageable? If you don’t have a small space to work with to consider things like your budget, your payments and such things then you need to create one.

Have problems managing your paperwork? My accountant advises that I keep a folder on or near my desk split by dividers into months and a hole punch. As I pay bills, send invoices and collect receipts they go immediately into that folder. Even monthly is way ahead of where I am now. It means all those things are there when it comes time to put my tax together.

Is it time to clear the air? Have you got a debt hanging over your head or a bill to pay? Maybe you owe the tax department a return or two? Get in and tackle those sooner rather than later. I had a mentor once who told me that money never hangs around people who can’t be trusted for long. Restore your integrity and get your house in order and you will be surprised what will show up.