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Over the weekend, when I was once again neglecting my blog for other life and laziness type things I asked for post ideas. Kasia W suggested I write about how to incorporate exercise into your daily life. I was like, heck YES, I can do that. I have LOTS to say on that. There are all sorts of excuses out there, lots of reasons not to, so let’s talk about all that and some strategies to make it all work and actually get there.

  • Make time. If you’re a schedule person block out time now and commit to it. Sure things will come up, sure life happens but if it’s in your planner you’re more likely to get there than if you have more of a hit and hope approach to it. Decide when and where you’re exercising in advance, don’t leave it up to chance or it will never happen.
  • Find a friend. I find that having someone to go with means that I keep my schedule more often because otherwise I have to reorganise them, or let them down. Find a friend who is committed to the same thing as you and go for it. Beware though, if your gym buddy is a slacker, it might just rub off. Choose wisely. I work out with my family, it makes it easier to call them slack.
  • Go when you said you would. So you decide on Monday night that you are going to the gym at 7am. The time comes and you don’t really feel like it so you decide maybe you’ll go at lunch time. STOP!!! It never happens. Just go when you said you would. Do it now.
  • Stop making excuses/Stop lying to yourself. Look, if you think you can manage 3 workouts a week, don’t commit to 7 days. If you hate weights sessions at the gym, don’t do them. The secret to working exercise into your daily life is to be realistic and stop kidding yourself. Then you have to stop letting yourself make excuses to not do it. Excuses are such a waste of time, most of us spend more time making them, justifying them and feeling bad about them than it would have taken to just go to the gym.
  • Work out WHY. So you’re exercising, why is that? No really, do you know why? It’s such an important factor in getting and staying motivated to know why you’re doing it. And don’t say to get fit, that’s a given. My list goes something like, for a hot bod, for my health, because I desperately needed a hobby and to work off the wine I like to drink. What’s your list? Make it worth your while.

So there you go! My tips for working exercise into your daily life. I see a lot of people, with all sorts of commitments make time for themselves and their health and I encourage you to do the same. My cousin Bec works part-time and has three young kids works out most mornings at a gym with a crèche. My brother comes at nights after his kids go to bed for an hour while his wife does a run on their treadmill at home. My sister worked out at least 3 times a week throughout her whole pregnancy. If it matters to you, you make time. Find something that works for you and go for it.

If you’re a workout wonder, let us know how you make exercise work in your day-to-day life. Share the tips and tricks folks. Share the love.  

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