Kellie Brown of And I Get Dressed is easily one of THE most stylish bloggers in the universe. My universe anyway. And the plus-size fashion universe, definitely. So, don’t miss this episode as we check out Kellie’s blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for some blogging tips and tricks.

And, there is a lot of fangirling. I’m sorry about that.

I did the best to restrain myself, but I was totally out of control. Kellie is one of my favourite bloggers with content that makes me green with envy. She has this amazing style and has been featured on my all time favourite blog, Manrepeller. That’s when you know you’ve arrived. Le sigh, so cool.

For me, Kellie is a blogger to aspire to because she transcends that ‘box’ plus size bloggers are sometimes placed in. Kellie has worked with many international brands, her style transcends size (which let’s face it, doesn’t happen a lot) and she works it. It’s a business and the professionalism shows in her beautiful images and ‘on-point’ graphic design and branding.

Lots to see here, team!

There are a few issues with sound in this episode. Ugh. But, if you’ve heard the early episodes of my podcast, it was the usual echo of my giant office. If it REALLY bugs you, sorry about that. AND, I’ve picked up a new mic from my camera so it shouldn’t be a problem moving forward. I feel like this whole make a video a week thing has been such a HUGE learning curve. Thanks for hanging in there with me while I learn.

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Cover photo by Christina Emilie

And I Get Dressed was on my list from the start so I was excited to share it so soon after the start. I hope you guys are enjoying this new series. It’s been fun to be able to check out what other plus size bloggers are doing on their blog and social media. I’m obsessed with finding more bloggers to share, so make sure you let me know your favourite.


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