So you want a pay rise, huh? How badly? Are you willing to work harder, do better and aim higher, you know all that stuff? Well are you? Meh. Whatever. Actually none of that really matters. But it would be good to know how you feel on such topics.

This post is about asking for a pay rise right now because you do your job well and you deserve it. What’s the harm in asking, right? Most people don’t even ask. I’ve worked in offices and teams for a long time and almost nobody asks for a pay rise. Ever. They don’t or won’t ask for a pay rise and so they don’t get one.

So how you get a pay rise is to ask for one first and foremost. Be prepared, do you research and have notes about why you’re a valuable member of the team and an outline of your contribution to the business bottom line. Schedule an appointment to discuss it with the person you need to talk to, the one who can approve it. There’s no point having to go through three or four people IF you can avoid it. Your message is always best delivered by you.

And then, what if they say no?

Are you planning to throw a hissy fit of epic proportions and wail about being unappreciated and undervalued? Well that’s one plan. I suggest calmly thanking them for their consideration {maybe without the cute Katniss bow from the Hunger Games movie, that has a bit too much sass implied} and ask why. Is it a cost thing, are there improvement for you to make, or is there no good reason and maybe they should reconsider right then and there.

Hold up for a second, does asking why not freak you out a little?

It should. Most people feel a little awkward requesting feedback especially after being rejected. Which you have been to some degree. Your request has been at least. But it is an invaluable tool to move forward. Once you have the conversation regarding performance and whys etc ask when would be an appropriate time to bring this up again? 3 months, or 6? More or less? Make sure they know that you will be having this conversation again and are committed to getting what you want.

I’ve asked for a lot of pay rises. I’ve got a lot of pay rises. I also ask for full price when it comes to advertising and sponsored posts on this blog. Why? Because I set those prices based on value and as one of my favourite quotes of all time goes, it’s only in the absence of value people argue cost. So if you find yourself constantly in a position where you are having to explain the price {whether it be a wage or a cost for a sidebar ad} then know that you haven’t shown them why they should pay it yet. Show them that and you’re set. Show them that and you’ll never get a no.

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