As I sit here and type this my feet are tucked under my bum to keep them warm. The evening is cold and just like that Summer is really gone, Spring a distant memory. Now I’m not sure about you but this Queensland girl lives for the sunshine, the warmth and the lifestyle that comes with that. Living outdoors, drinks stacked with ice cubes and the beach, of course. So even when it starts to turn cold, I like to cling to the last moments through my clothes.

And what says Spring/Summer more than a floral peplum dress, I ask you?

I say nothing.

I gave a nod to winter, it’s a dark floral after all. But it’s more of the sort of nod you give to your horrid but harmless ex-boyfriend in the street. A little cold, sort of reserved. Like a quiet eff off Winter, don’t I look fabulous without you. Haha. It’s not that bad promise. I love boots and jumpers and scarves as much as the next girl. I just prefer warmer weather. Spring in particular.

I’m talking about the weather because I’m just not sure about this dress on me at the moment. I’m not sure I like it at all. Then I look again and I’m like, yeah, keep it. Then naaaah, sell it. I think it needs a belt maybe? And to be taken in around the chest area… I’m not sure what it is exactly but I’m still undecided. So you decide. Don’t tell me though, in case I chose to do the opposite.

plus size eshakti dress with heels-5

plus size eshakti dress with heels-2

plus size eshakti dress with heels-6


Dress – eShakti {eBay}
Shoes – Torrid
Necklace – Lovisa

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, for you? 



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