Today I literally burst {into tears} with pride at the man my husband is. LITERALLY. I had to go into the office this morning to get a contract signed on a house. But my key that was loaned out a little while ago had not been returned. Forgetting about this until I was attempting to walk through the door half an hour before my appointment, we then had to fly 15 minutes out of town to grab a set of keys. I contacted my appointment, said grab a coffee I’ll be late and off we went to my boss’s farm.

I was foul the whole way. Annoyed at myself and annoyed at the way Hubby was driving. Annoyed that it was a gorgeous Sunday and instead of lounging around somewhere eating brunch this was what we were doing. We grabbed the key from my boss and started heading back down her driveway. We both spotted it at the same time. A movement in the fence line. The barbed wire fence line. And in the way it happens sometimes, I was sent a reminder to stop being a jerk and to open my eyes to what I have and what is right there in front of me.

Stop! I shouted. Can you help it? I asked Hubby.

I saw his worry and concern in his face and he said not without gloves…. he glanced around outside the car. Or a big stick, he added as he flung himself out and towards this poor possum that was trapped by its leg, hanging from the fence. I sat in the car watching from the rear view mirror as he tried to free the possum. He swapped sticks. He persevered. After a little while I couldn’t wait there any more and went closer in case I could help.

I couldn’t. I just winced and gasped and asked not helpful questions like is it ok? Can you help it? Is it ok?

This gorgeous possum and my gorgeous Hubby had an understanding. It wasn’t going to hurt him. It knew that he was it’s last chance. In the already baking sun, upside down and trapped, it knew. It was haunting the way it looked at Hubby. It really gets you face to face with the reality of spirit  Of the soul of all things. The possum worked with Hubby, holding onto the stick as Hubby untangled first its tail and finally its leg. It took what felt like ages. It probably wasn’t. And the possum was free and gripping tightly to the large gum tree branch that aided in it’s rescue.

Not having anything to secure it with in our car, Hubby took it over to a nearby gum and held the stick high so this poor animal could spend some time in the tree recovering. He would come back later to check it, he said. A half hour round trip. Naaaw. It had a small cut and probably quiet a sore leg but otherwise it seemed okay. Once the branch was discarded on the ground, I ran over to Hubby and gave him THE biggest hug. Thanking him profusely for helping, for being who he is, for caring!

I burst into tears. I was full to the brim with love and pride and gratitude and LOVE.

Wait. I said that.

I’m just so proud.

He told me not to write this.

But I told him I was anyway.

He’s shy my Kel.

But today, he was my hero. I love that man.

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