The final smiley face in the Friends of Suger – Your Style series is the gorgeous Hayley of the Happy Housewifey. I’ve met Hayley at a few events over the past year and she’s just as lovely and nice in person as she is on her blog. A funny little side story is that I swore I saw her in my local Centro and thought for a moment that she lived around here. I got excited. It wasn’t her. Oh well. I’ll have to say my hello’s when I see her and get my Hayley contact from her blog. And now, this lovely lady is going to share with you a little about her style.

My style has adapted a lot over the last few years since having children. It’s now very much focused around being ‘practical’ for breastfeeding, running around after 2 little boys and having little boys grab at my skirt and think its funny in a shopping centre to pull it up or yank it down (goodbye elastic waisted skirts!). In short, my style is pretty much made up of mixing and matching random items of clothing I’ve collected over time that (a) fit my body shape (b) are cheap, found on clearance or are hand-me-downs and (c) are comfortable.

My usual ‘style’;

  • I now wear pants. Lots of pants. Or skirts with tights. Must not forget tights.
  • I love layering. Laying shirts makes a practical outfit fun.
  • I try to wear modest neckline shirts and if I wear jewellery it sits quite high above the neckline.
  • If I find an item of clothing that I love, I buy it in multiple colours. (See that black shirt I’m wearing over the pink hoodie? I have that in about 10+ colours in short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve and singlet style.).
  • I love op-shopping and clearance racks. Many of my favourite items of clothes cost $5 or less.
  • I use my wardrobe to motivate me. I wear exercise clothes a lot to remind me to be healthy and be active (See those gym pants? Yup, 3 pairs…), or try to dress a bit nicer to make me feel better about myself when I’m having a bad day (it works!).

Shoes. Ok, they need a whole paragraph to themselves. Shoes are a HUGE part of my style. I wear a Birkenstock shoes most of the time, as they allow me to add some ‘funky’ to my outfit whilst being very practical (they’re flats and they mould to your feet so are good for your feet). The summer pairs with open toes also show off my toe-nails, which are nearly always pretty pink. When I’m taking a break from my Birkenstocks I also have a cheap pair of thongs/flip-flops (for rainy weather), Doc Martin boots and a pair of knee-high boots for special occasions. They will generally only be pulled out of hiding when I go out without the kids (no kids = wear boots with a skirt or dress with no tights!!!!). And that about sums it up. Shoes are a good note to finish on 🙂

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