I have all these thoughts lately. Concerns and thoughts and ideas. I have at least 15 drafts of ranty, topical posts but I don’t finish them. I wonder sometimes why that is. After all I have a lot to say. I want to effect some change in the world. Make a difference and all of that. Instead I had my hair done. Weird how that happens. I get distracted by the unimportant sometimes. Don’t we all. This post is packed to the eyeballs with distracted.

While I was having my hair done I talked with my cousin/hairdresser Bec about what stops people doing things they want to do. She blames TV. I sort of do too.Β It’s a time suck. She hears a lot of people complaining they don’t have time for kids and exercise and life. She does. She cut TV. Her house has never been so clean. I nodded and smiled. I heard her loud and clear. Most people give up what they want to catch their shows. It’s a bit mad really.

Speaking of a bit mad, is it just me or are the week’s just flying by at the moment? My sister asked me about plans for Christmas the other day. I was like whaaaaat!? I’m not answering that. That’s ages away. Stuck my fingers in my ears and la-la-lahed loudly and badly until she stopped. Christmas. Already? Sheesh. I do have a great spot planned for the Christmas tree this year though. That’s new. Last year I was pretty much Scrooge. Remind me to start a lay-by soon.

I also had to put together a C-V today. First time in like a million years. It’s a long story, one I’m not ready willing or able to go into but I had to do it. I really hope my design elements might make up for the lack of knowledge about what the heck to include. I’ve always picked by work by referral or people coming to me. I’ve never really had to supply anything. Well, not since I was looking for bar work when I quit uni in 2011. Do you have much experience? Hook me up, yeah?

So you might be able to tell by now I had some random thoughts today. Now they’re your problem. You’re welcome.

Night! Haha.Β 

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