I saw the video of Pharrell on Oprah moved to tears by the outpouring of love, joy and fun that was the response to Happy. I cried. I’m not ashamed to admit that. I could picture it, something you had created making such a joyful difference in the world. That’s touching stuff. I love that sort of thing. Life’s work realised and all that.

It reminded me that happiness spreads.

Not just the song Happy, as catchy as it is. I wrote about it in my post “Five Things Happy People Do” and we all agreed that indeed happy is a practice, not a one-time thing. Today I wanted to talk about how when you are happy, others get happy. When you are it spreads around you.

As the old saying goes, sunbeams from your face and all that.

We all know those people who just bring the party with them when they arrive. Those people who leave you feeling better about yourself, brighter, happier than before they were there. I love to be around those kinds of people. When they smile I smile with them. They laugh with joy at life being great and I laugh with them.

And it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either. These people are happy in dark times too. The light at the end of the tunnel, the soothing voice that tells you to try again. People who generate themselves as space for joy to show up are a gift whenever and wherever they are. Like that song. I dare you to not feel happy hearing that song.

It spreads because people want to feel good. It spreads because people want to be picked up, not put down. That’s why if you can find a way to BE that person, you’ll never be on your own for long. Take the time to be joyful and see what happens. You might just find that YOU are the person spreading the happy. I’d almost wager that to someone you already are.

Are you spreading happy or do you know someone who does? 

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