Welcome to my Happy Days of May. I am joining in with Naomi from Seven Cherubs because heck, I LOVE a good take a look at the things in your life that you are happy about or grateful for type thing. You have one of those? Count me in. And a funny story is, the last time I joined Naomi in one of these, THIS happened. Happy Days in May. I missed a couple, but you get the idea. Ready? GO.

  • Happy blog nerd moment? Check!
  • Eating clean is making me happy. Clean and healthy and happy.
  • Mail, with pressies. Enough said.
  • Two coffee’s. One more than normal. Pretty happy with my choice.
  • Snuggled on the couch with Hubby. Life’s good.
  • The strength of my family when I need them. Which was today.
  • A full day enjoying laughs with a colleague.
  • Sweets with my sweet.
  • Bubbles. Champagne, soda water, coke zero… All my favourite things.
  • Grocery shopping at night when everyone else is at home.
  • Rain on the roof. Constant and soothing. So perfect.
  • A winter chill, jumpers, and cosy scarves.
  • A cup of soup for lunch when you’re hungry and cold. OMG, so good.
  • Social media on a good day. Love and support.
  • Hope. That is all.
  • A beautiful new skirt that makes me smile.
  • Working in a cafe, writing my heart out, literally.
  • My husband’s cheeky smile.

What are you grateful for today?

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