Ok. Honesty time. Today I went to the gym, excited about a new week but kind of ‘off’ in the stomach. I told my sister we’d have to take it a bit easy because of this and into the work out we went. After some time on the treadmill on incline, we did some arm weights and jumped on the cross trainers. Almost immediately my thighs start to hurt, my heart rate was HIGH and I couldn’t catch my breath. I managed to get through the 2 minutes, under the targeted RPM and leapt off the machine.

I couldn’t catch my breath and was having some sort of panic attack/suffocation thing. I may have cried, just in case it helped me breath. I knew I was panicking and had to slow my breathing. I brush off my sister as I tried to regain my breath. I’ve never suffered from asthma, but if this is what it’s like, it’s pretty darn scary. At one point I stood there attempting to work out where to throw up.

But soon enough my heart rate lowered enough to move on. So we did. When the workout was nearing the end, we hit the mats for sit ups. Sis completed her reps and we moved onto mine. I got through 10 before I started to feel a bit queasy. And not to be too indelicate about it, but during the next 10 I almost pooped my pants! My sister and I laughed our butts off at how ridiculous the whole work out had been and what a total mess I clearly was today. I left the gym feeling exhausted and a little sick.

So there you go. Obviously, not all days are golden. But this one, well, it was anything but.

Better luck tomorrow, right!?


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