So it turns out I have moved on from cranky to a hormonal grouchy. At least this explains a lot. The whole the sky is falling feeling of last week is lifting and I’m feeling more myself. Laughing more. Less weighed down. What a relief. I haven’t suffered a major bout of depression in almost 10 years. I worried, silently for the last couple of weeks that I wasn’t going to escape another. That I was watching a coming soon preview of the way life would be for a while. It’s a relief to be relived of that pressure.

It’s a reminder that not everyone is so lucky.

It reminds me that some live with that pressure, the weight, every day.

It reminds me that once I did too.

It reminds me not to take the clear days for granted.

It’s late. I missed RUOK Day. I wasn’t ok. I was hiding out.

Today I am okay. Better than okay.

Grouchy but okay.

Tired but okay.

Loved and cherish and blessed and okay.

Today I can ask you.

Are you ok?

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