I first met this skirt in Sydney. I loved it on the spot. The colours are gorgeous, I knew it would fit my wardrobe {think black, white, pink and blue accessories ALL perfect with this skirt}. I gushed about it for a while, complimenting the wearer at every turn. It was love at first sight, what can I say. It was on the very cool and proud to call her my friend, Olivia. She had had a blip in a late night shopping spree at eShakti and said if I like it that much, perhaps I’d like to buy the second one she had ordered. Of course! I said, count me in.

The shoes actually came to me in a very similar way. They ended up in my hot little hands because they were a bit big for the lovely and oh so generous Danimezza. That girl plays well with others. A GREAT sharer. So these beauties came home with me and I’ve loved them every day since. Hot pink, platform sole with a nice wide heel. The heels are about as round as a 20 cent coin which makes them SO easy to walk in considering their height. Love them.

And put them all together and what do you get?

You get an outfit built on other people’s hand me downs , second hand items and trades. I love that! It’s being a frugal fashionista at it’s best! Sure there’s no Chanel or whatever designer label is so hot right now, but it’s a cute as heck outfit and it cost me about $50 total. I highly recommend you find some friends your size and get swapping or selling your unwanted clothes. But, like me, you might end up being the lame friend who never really has any cool stuff to offer. Luckily, I bring witty conversation and belly jiggling laughs. Phew. So, you know, don’t let THAT stop you. Get out there!

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 002

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 006

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 007

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 004

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 009

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 001

Sunnies – BigW
T-Shirt – Old, no tag
Skirt – eShakti
Heels – Torrid

plus size eShakti peplum skirt outfit 005

Do you have stylish friends you can trade clothes with?

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