When I purchased this blazer I planned to wear it for work. Spice things up a bit. Add a splash of colour. THEN I realised that I still had this dress in the back of my cupboard and that they could be blue friends together. It made a nice change to have some colour on colour in an outfit. Even if the bag, heels and belt were good old black. I think my pink blazer could work with this one too. Maybe with nude accessories. Actually I might do just that.

I’ve also had these cute shoes for a while {I also have them in red} but they are sitting down shoes. With virtually no sole to them they are hard going on the feet after a day in the office. So they get to come out to go to dinner and sit down gatherings only. But what’s not to love. A suede look finish that perfectly matches this belt and works beautifully with this very girly look. Now, if only I could remember not to scrunch up my shoulders when taking photos. Haha.

Dress – ASOS Curve {Last year}

Blazer – ASOS Curve

Bag – gift from my Mum

Shoes – Women by Peter Morrissey for BigW

{no existing brand relationships apply}

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