Today I woke up early and celebrated it. FULL.

But not early enough to run and beat myself up about it. EMPTY.

Couldn’t find anything to wear, some too big. Some lost. EMPTY/FULL. 

I made it to work early and was happy to be there. FULL.

But had forgotten breakfast again and wondered if it would un-do everything. EMPTY.

 I had lunch with my Mum, Aunt, niece and one of my cousins and basked in the love of my family. FULL.

But I couldn’t help but check the time and wish it was finished already. I was busy. EMPTY.

It was hot so I changed into comfy clothes and worked under the fan. FULL.

My air conditioner should have been working. And it wasn’t. EMPTY.

I ran. FULL.

But I sucked today. EMPTY.

Do you find that during the day you are at the impact of your circumstances. Whether I’m having a good or a bad day is not only down to what happens to me, but it’s down to what I say to myself about it. Glass full, glass empty. It’s the same thing. Lunch with my family should have been wonderful. But I was present. Losing a pair of pants shouldn’t have sent me into a short, but still frustrating tail spin. How much do you let your circumstances dictate what you are going to achieve today and how you feel about doing it?

I think, if you look, it’s a LOT.

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