Girls just want to have fun. Apparently. That’s what I hear. But when you hit the ripe old’ish age of 33 (this month, yay, can’t wait) is the term girl applicable? This woman? Lady? Old girl? Just wants to have fun. It doesn’t have the same ring to it. Not as catchy, you know? And as we round the corner towards my 33rd birthday, in a year I’m sure will be MY YEAR, I want to find out if I’m still allowed to have fun.

Because life keeps shoving me to get serious.

To take things more seriously.

To be more serious.

And we all know how that turned out for me before. I was overwhelmed and unimpressed with the life I’d built for my very attempt-serious self. Serious just makes me nervous. I’d rather be silly and fun and more than a little flippant. I don’t mind being flippant sometimes; you should try it. But without the carelessness, that is associated with it.

I would never advocate for carelessness. Because for me, there is a big difference between wanting to have fun and being excited about the life I’m living and shoving my head in the sand. You know what I mean, we all know those people who refuse to adult, who hide out from the world and refuse to progress. The good old days, they exclaim! I don’t want to. Well, I don’t mean that. I mean finding the joy in the everyday stuff. Finding a way to be excited and most of all finding the time to have fuuuun.

But back to this girl just wanting to have fun. I declare it. I say yes to an offer to be frivolous and footloose and fancy-free (that’s a lot of F-words). I dance all night and wake like I’ve competed in some strenuous athletic event and I realise that perhaps what I’m looking for is that connection to joy and fun.

Connection to people and to myself and the things I like. Because dance parties are fun. Staying out with the girls until dawn, still does wonderful things for the soul. But being connected to the life you’re living and doing it with a smile on your face, well that’s something else.

That’s what I want.

And that’s what, nine days out of every ten, I’m lucky to have. What about you? Do you find time to be happy, get excited and do the things you love every day? Not all day every day but every single day? (quoting movies again, who said that one?). I hope so. That’s my birthday wish this year, to stay excited about things, this girl just wants to have fun!

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