Tanesha from Girl with Curves was one of the first images I ever pinned. Her style is my ultimate dare to dream style. Always so polished, elegant and chic. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing cutoffs or a formal gown this girl has STYLE. Take a cute dress from the office to an after-work date? Yup, easy. Want to create three interview looks without blowing the budget? Yup, that’s covered here too. A smart and sassy blog, suiting a smart and sassy style.

So, of course, this week, in our third instalment {I’ll stop counting up soon, promise} of the Steal Her Style posts. Search for curves and style on Pinterest, Google or pretty much anywhere, and you’ll find her there. And you know why? Because this look appeals to everyone and she’s just so gosh darn gorgeous! Tanesha’s blog is only young in terms of time online, but it has captured audiences with beautiful photographs of her eye for detail, quality and classic pieces style. A no brainer for me, Girl with Curves was on the list from day one.


The Look


It’s classic, it’s modern, and it is always, always polished. Great hair, make-up and accessories. In this wardrobe, tailored pieces are king {queen?}, and classic takes precedence over modern but modern is never forgotten. The combination of old and new shapes is what makes this wardrobe so easy to replicate; on any size for any occasion.

Keys ideas for this look are the classic lines, fun use of modern trends, heels and pointed flats and a high rotation of wardrobe staples. The use of classic colour palettes with a surprising dash of bold colour now and then. Casual cool at it’s best and perfect for our budget fashionistas. Quality over quantity style with substance. Something we can all look up to and emulate here.


Girl With Curves - Steal Her Style

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Girl with Curves - Steal Her Style Shopping

1. Bodycon Dress 2. Leather Skater Skirt 3. Sequin Dress
4. Denim Jeans 5. Wrap Dress 6. Print Skater Skirt 7. Chambray Shirt
8. Leather Pencil Skirt 9. Metallic Party Dress


And that’s it for another week, folks! Another fabulous fashionista to admire. I cannot wait to share with you next week’s woman and the week after that and week after THAT! This post is the most fun I’ve had on this blog for ages. Are you enjoying them? Make sure you leave suggestions for future features, I’ve got one heck of a list going, but there’s always room for more!


Girl with Curves – WOW, right?

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