This week for me is all about getting back on the horse. I wondered a lot in the past couple of weeks about the festivity that is the end of the year. All the consumption, it’s the only word I have for it, is so crazy. Any other time of the year if you ate until your belly was filled to the brink or drank your closest living relatives under the table, well it would be a good thing. It’d be an excess, an over indulgence. I guess in some ways it still is that. But under the guise of being festive.

Then it finds a lot of us in the New Year, feeling a little blah and ready for a change. My experience in the past few weeks has been one of fullness in a lot of senses of the word. An overly full belly, full life, full mind and full of bs stories for myself. I had planned to limit any Christmas fall out by eating normally and only indulging on key days. It turns out, this didn’t happen.

Hubby and I have both come home at least 4kg heavier from the week away. Gah. Do you have any idea how long it took to LOSE 4kg? Ages. We are blending up a lot of green smoothies and enjoying all the best that food has to offer. Whole, clean, real food. Hubby has taken up running and heads out most afternoons for a half hour or so jogging his way around the neighbourhood. I’m back in the pool, the gym is next. It won’t take long to strip them back off.

Sometimes you just have to write off the gains and get on with it. That’s our plan.

How are you getting back into the New Year? Or are you one of those people who doesn’t falter no matter the season? 

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