This weekend was a bit of a moment for my family, blog wise. My brother posted on his blog for the first time since before his almost 18 month old daughter was born and my sister had me open one for her. Both have been instructed that when they are rich and famous they owe me 75 bucks for the blog makeover. I’m so generous, I won’t even charge them interest. And all this blog loving got me a-thinking.

My blog is two and a half years old. I’ve seen a lot of changes in the blog world. No where near as many as the guys who have been around for 6 or 9 years or whatever. But enough, for sure. Most of them came from me and my ideas for what was possible for me. Thanks to this blog. I learnt that I can write just for me and that’s ok. That I can write with an audience in mind and that’s just wonderful.

I’ve made some money on my blog, a teeny bit because of my blog and had a bundle of great opportunities. I’ve had just as many let downs, disappointments and moments of debilitating panic over my worthiness. I’ve been jealous, frustrated, excited, grateful and proud. I found that my will to write far outweighs my will to put together websites.

I made friends. Some were real, some weren’t. I found a whole community of people right here at home who get who I am. I have seen support and bullying. I have seen love and loss. I’ve seen victories and failures. I’ve gone from telling people I have a website that I write stories on sometimes to being out and proud with my blog. And people actually get it. A bit of TV coverage thanks to ACA and now Rafters hasn’t hurt either.

Blogging going mainstream? Yeah, I can handle that.

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