I normally title this first section ‘why them’ in my notes. It’s a prompt for me to talk about why I chose the person, why they are steal her style worthy. And for Gabi I had one simple word scribbled down ‘essential’. Because as far as I’m concerned having Gabi featured in this post series is as no brainer as breathing or waking up in the morning by opening your eyes. Gabi has done all sorts of wonderful for plus size fashion, for plus size bloggers and for women who just want to wear what they want! Gabi of GABIFRESH was an essential inclusion… So let’s get started shall we!?


Gabi is a big advocate for wearing what you like, when you like, as you like it. So her style is reflective of that. It’s bright and fun and all kinds of funky. Modern trendy would be an understatement. But then to me, there’s something really classic about the look too. Simple lines, beautifully cut pieces make up the majority of Gabi’s wardrobe and this is something you should look to replicate if you’re stealing her style. Start with good wardrobe bones and build from there.

Once you have the bones in place now it’s time to amp up the fun factor. Shop everywhere, buy, swap and borrow items that call to you. Think textures of mixed fabrics and the clash of colours and prints. Then when you’ve got those items start layering and don’t stop until you’re having fun. Add accessories, make you hair style one of them, glasses, belts, bags and funky shoes. Build an outfit that is entirely and uniquely you. Then you’re rocking it, Gabi style.

Steal Her Style GabiFresh


Steal her Style: Gabi of GabiFresh

1. Rose Sleeve Jumper 2. Cocoon Shrug 3. Spot Skater Skirt
4. Floral Bomber 5. Digital Print Peplum 6. Chambray Print Shirt
7. Denim Jacket with Studs 8. Print Dress 9. Round Sunglasses
10. Print Denim Jeans 11. Question Mark Tee 12. Slim Fit High Waisted Jeans



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