We have this saying in my family. Actually it is probably more of a question… And it is are they/is he/was it Funny Haha or Funny Strange. Is this self explanatory? Probably not. You ask when you want clarification as to whether something was funny (as you laughed at it) or funny (as in that was strange/weird/odd/out of the ordinary). Did we make it up or do you have a similar question too?It might be something that needs little clarification with most normal people. Do you ever ask is she Funny Haha or Funny Strange?
Well my sister, she is definitely is both. 
My Dad too, in case you were wondering. And that is ok. You can be. Both, that is. Did you enjoy the photos of them? They are the people above in case you are little slow at catching on. Posing {Pulling faces} for me and the D3 (that’s the Nikon’s new name – FYI). You can’t help but adore them can you? Well, can you?
Oh and if you know my Dad, don’t tell him you saw him on the internet. It’ll creep him out. Thanks a lot.
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