Sunday I set off with 15 other pub crawl adventurers and my Mum {who was our bus driver} to Maryborough. We were in search for the thing they call the Worlds Greatest Pub Fest. A pub crawl to beat all pub crawls. I’d never been, despite living so close by for almost my entire life. I was a little worried I wouldn’t keep up with the young party crowd {which let’s face it, I’ve never been one of, like ever}.

But once the wheels on the bus got rolling and the pub crawl locations starting flying by I started to feel at home, more excited than before and very, very into the whole festivities of the day. No rain or wind or extreme chill factor would have swayed me. And believe me, they tried. But some hot chips here and a beverage or two there and I was a-ok.

You know the best part, the whole time we were there I only ever saw one minor scuffle. With that many people drinking and jammed together like we were {herded is probably more accurate, very much like cattle} it was a surprise. I think it was because of the extensive police presence and general good will feeling of the day.

Not to say it didn’t start to get messy {drunken messy, it was always untidy thanks to litterbugs} when we were heading home around 7.30 – 8pm. But all in all I imagine the organisers and citizens would be very happy indeed with the outcome. I know I was. I had a fun day. Lots of laughs and I spotted some of THE most amazing costumes.

When it was time to go I was more than happy to oblige but I’d go back. This was heaps of fun. I’m adding it to the calendar.

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