I was told yesterday that drinking green smoothies for some meals was a bit full on, too strict and not very much fun at all. This person spoke to me about deprivation, enjoying everything in moderation and about trying to hard to make something happen. Now. I’m all for living life. I’m all for everything in moderation. I can even, just maybe get on board with the not trying too hard to MAKE something happen. But to say that drinking a smoothie entirely made out of fruit, vegetables, seeds and water is deprivation is madness.

What exactly am I depriving myself of?

I’m waiting.

Apparently the answer is fun.

It’s not much fun to drink green smoothies or exist on salads and whole foods {which, can be pretty much anything if you go about it right}. It turns out that unless I am willing to subject myself to high trans fat, sugary foods then I’m just not doing life right? Why is that? Part of me believes it has to, in some way, be the pushing against people’s little stereotypes in their minds. Fat people sit around and eat cake all day, with a side of potato chips doused in some sort of French onion style dip. Right?

Apparently not.

In fact, if your taste buds aren’t a mess of confusion you will find that whole foods is rich with flavour and colour and guts. It tastes like something. It does something. It IS something, real. When we added some mango to our smoothie the other night, it was amazing. Like a green, blended up Weis bar. When I added a tablespoon of 100% peanut butter {roasted peanuts blended up, only} to my oatmeal smoothie it was ahhhmazing.

There is not deprivation there, let me tell you.

Another part of me actually agree, to some degree. I agree that sometimes it is fun to have coffee and cake. Sometimes it’s fun to have popcorn for dinner. And sometimes it’s fun to have an icy after coming home from the beach. But I don’t think that I’d be doing the best thing by myself if that became an every day thing. In a lot of ways, it’s how I got here. A boozy drink or fifty here and a serve of hot chips there. Living life with blinkers on to the actual requirements of the body that carted my butt around.

So if I want to feed my body whole foods, even in the form of a green smoothie, I will.

You my friend can do what YOU want to do. But if you insist on raising an eyebrow or rolling your eyes, I will return the favour. I have enough information crammed in this reformed dieter, whole food eating, rapid internet article searching, research reading head to bore you to tears. I will watch what you put in YOUR mouth like a hawk and run a commentary for you. I will speak of the dangers of fructose and processed foods. I will remind you that the bread you eat is so tumbled and squished that it no longer offers you any goodness. I will tell you all about how your low fat yoghurt has more sugar than full fat because they STOLE the tastiness of it…

Each to their own lady.

You don’t want to get me started.


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