Life is full for me right now. It’s one of those moments where I sit {actually lay if you want to get technical} and just be so filled up with the things I have in my life and the richness of it. It just overwhelms me sometimes. Usually when I’m sick and tired and sad. I feel terrible and it just reminds me that most of the time I am healthy, fulfilled and very very rich in blessings. My life is full.

Full of good times and friends.
Full of food and things to drink.
Full of love and gratitude.
Full of pride at what I’ve created.
Full of things to do and placing to go.
Full of opportunities to be taken.
Full of just great things.

It probably sounds boastful to some people to feel so full up of life. But I don’t think like that. I think if you have it good you need to acknowledge that. There are people who would give a lot, anything perhaps, to have some semblance of what you have. To not be grateful, to not say holy heck I’m so frickin’ blessed would be a kick in the junk to those people.

So today I’m telling you. I’m grateful for everything I have, everything I am and everyone I love.

Are you?

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