150g Rice Flour
50g Ground Rice
50g Dextrose
150g Butter


  • Put the rice flour, ground rice and dextrose into a bowl. Add the butter and work them into a smooth, stiff dough.
  • roll out the dough to 1cm thick and shape as you like. Cookie cutter, slice into fingers… You know, go nuts.
  • Place on a baking tray {lined with baking paper} and refrigerate for 30 minutes or longer if you have it.
  • Heat oven to 180 degrees and cook for 15-20 minutes.
  • Then eat them! Enjoy.

Now my first attempt at these turned into a pretty awesome crumble. We ate it was a yoghurt topper with blueberries. It was all kinds of awesome. But shortbread, it was not. No matter how much twitter tried to help on the occasion, it was a total fail. I only had Rice Flour, not ground rice. I assumed they were the same thing. And you know what they say about assume {Ass, you and me… Remember?} . Does anyone know what the difference is? Is it a process thing?

Anyway, good luck. I’m sure your attempt will be more successful than my first was.

{recipe based on ‘Perfectly Sweet’ hand out by sugar replacement Xylitol. I personally don’t artificial sweeteners or products such as Xylitol as it converts in the body to fructose, like all the ‘tols, but their recipes work well with dextrose}

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