It seems ridiculous to once again be in my home, confined to my side of the river. I am safe, so are my family and friends; we are well. Family north of here in Bundaberg and Mundubbera are safe and well too. Yesterday, when the notification came through that they expected a major flood event for Gympie, it had been less than ONE WEEK since we discussed our hopes for rain. So we are all a little surprised. But, as always, people here worked together, packed up businesses and homes and got them to higher ground. I love the spirit of my town in times like this.

I was a teenager in 1999 floods when waters flooded our town three times over 12 months. One of those floods is still the highest on record, and it entered our home that year. Unprecedented levels even my real estate specialist mother had never thought possible. It turns out, you never know. It was ten years between floods then. And since 2011, we have had three. That’s heartbreaking for those involved in our town, primarily businesses. But those businesses provide jobs and various other things to our community that aren’t available for weeks or even months. It’s a humbling thing.


You may have noticed there’s no Aussie Curves post today, it just didn’t seem like a good idea to leave my house, dressed for photos and add to the congestion and people out for a sticky beak. I plan to catch up, but we’ll see. Next week is swimwear, perhaps I need to don my togs and play in the rain. Maybe I’ll go back to taking naps and waiting out the worst of it. We’ll see.

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