Friday I settle in, and I plan the week for the blog. I put aside outfits I hope there will be an occasion to wear, and I plan a rough schedule for posting and I might even schedule a post or two if I’m super organised. It’s my day.

Often you will find me nestled in a corner of a coffee shop, glasses on and head down. I tap away at the keys pausing only to greet new strangers taking their place in the seats beside me. Nodding then when they leave.

Today is different though. Today I have this cough that is annoying me, a raspy voice that makes communication slow and difficult and a runny nose that often requires wiping. My thoughts are disjointed and broken. Don’t those words mean the same thing? SEE! I’m not sick, but I am not well either.

I feel the looks as I blow my nose. Probably the same looks I was throwing around the post office earlier this week. I consider going home. But there’s just too much to be distracted by at home. Clothes to pack and things to tidy, bills to pay and accounts to reconcile. I decide to stay put and try not to sniffle as much.

This post is to update you all. I guess, to share some behind the scenes and as a contagion diary, of sorts. I told you this would happen. Curse that person that sneezed on me, next time I see you I’m going to kick you in the shins. You’ve been warned sneeze-monster. I’m gunning for you.

After I pick up another box of tissues, that is.

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