Lately I’ve been dropping into the archives of this blog, visiting the posts from years ago like old friends. Into posts before anyone was really reading, into posts where it felt like everyone was reading. It was like getting acquainted with myself after a break. It’s powerful how a blog, a journal of me, can do that. And I feel like I’m stronger because of that.

I’ve always been a journal-er. Notepads and diaries filled with thoughts and ideas, poems and stories. It came from a love of reading, I think, I wanted craft words on a page like the authors of the books I devoured. I wanted to teach lessons as I learnt them like the wordsmiths I admired. When I had access to my first computer, I password protected my story telling efforts they were so important to me.

When it all comes down to it, it’s why I started blogging. I love to write. I like to make stuff. Which is probably how I ended up a little obsessed with scrap booking for a while there. Sometimes when I find the words to perfectly describe a situation, or write a piece for a client, I just sit back and smile that this is the life I’ve built for myself.

Do you have moments like that? Moments that you’re grateful for what you do, who you’re doing it with or where you’re doing it? When they land in your lap like this ball of sunshine and you just feel like you’ve made it in life? I hope so. I hope those moments come to you often and you find joy in your life. Every day.

And that’s my new plan, to write and enjoy it, every single day. Either here, on Leave Home Blog or on the hundred and one projects that are going on behind the scenes. I didn’t make any resolutions this year, I wanted to be more Zen about such things. But this feels like something that will make me happy. So I’m going to do it. Because bloggers have to blog. It’s what we do.

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