plus size plaid jacket outfit 17 sundays tee-2

Well folks it happened. It took me a while, some convincing and a whole bunch of yeah but WHY but here I am. Wearing and loving the skater skirt sick. Better late than never, right? Haha. I just love how the flip in the skirt makes it fun and flirty. It’s girlish and that makes it perfect for my style which can head towards pretty masculine at times. So of course I almost always pair it with boots and a slogan tee. Over and over again I reach for a combination of this outfit. It’s been my winter go to outfit, only adding stockings when heading out of a nighttime.

It’s strange, as I sit here writing this, thinking about all kinds of things related to my wardrobe it occurs to me how different my style is from this time last year. While I’ve always loved fashion but this is the first year I’ve really translated it to what I wear instead of watching from the sidelines. I took what I liked, what I was watching filter through and grabbed it with both hands.

Heck, just today I wore a crop top. In winter. Not the greatest decision I’ve ever made but heck, I felt like I was king of the world man. So as I try things and experiment I find more and more that I don’t want to restrict the ideas I have anymore. I don’t want to consider what I should or shouldn’t wear. I’m just going to keep wearing what I love and trying new things. I look forward to sharing all the highlights and face plants here. I mean if this year I’m wearing plaid who knows where we’ll be this time next year!? Haha.

plus size plaid jacket outfit 17 sundays tee-3 plus size plaid jacket outfit 17 sundays tee-5 plus size plaid jacket outfit 17 sundays tee-1 plus size plaid jacket outfit 17 sundays tee-6

Jacket – Mums, Afterglow Tee – 17 Sundays {small – gifted}Skater Skirt – Boohoo Plus-Size {sold out online}, Boots – Autograph Fashion {last year


 Go big or go home, right? Want to join me? 

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