I’ve been a book worm since I first learned to read. Almost as long as I’ve been fascinated by business and how it all works. Lately, when it comes to consuming business, marketing or digital entrepreneur content, I’m more likely to listen to a business podcast rather than read a book. That goes for other topics too, like body image (I have a list for those podcasts too).

But, scroll the top podcast lists and you will find that a lot of the business content, is predominately male-dominated. Looking for something from the female perspective, I’ve developed a list. To be clear, my own list up until recently was lacking in diversity. The whole genre of online female entrepreneurs seems dominated by thin, white women. I want more from my business podcasts and I’m hoping you can help me with that by leaving your recommendations in the comments.

However, while looking to widen my own frame of reference, I found this article titled 17 Podcasts Every Black Woman Entrepreneur needs in her rotation which I referred to when my own resource came up short. Please check it out. Support the author and the creators and add a little diversity to your feed. Rest assured, I am doing exactly that. Now, let’s get started.

Business Podcasts

by Female Creators.


In Good Company

Hosted by Women Who Founder, Otegha Uwagba this podcast dates back to 2017 with posts for those with a career in or operating a creative business. My favourite episode I’ve heard (so far!) is one on Harnessing Ambition and Office Politics. Even though I don’t work in an office, ambition is something I’ve butted heads with a few times in my life. The best news is, there’s something for all women in business here and you’ll be in good company (see what I did there, I know., so funny).


Turn Your Followers into Clients

I found the host of this podcast, Vanessa Lau, on YouTube and when she mentioned she had a podcast, I had to head over and subscribe. I love YouTube but sometimes the video content can be distracting, this is a great alternative to that. With a name like Turn Your Followers into Clients, how could I resist? And it delivers on just what it says it will by teaching you methods and strategies to grow your social media and convert them into customers. It’s been such a valuable resource for me and the work we do in my business.


Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okome is the host of this podcast with guests and conversations that will open your mind and shift how you do business. It’s a recent addition to my list, but the first day I listened to five episodes. If stories of startups and female business owners kicking ass are your thing, this podcast is a must. Add it to your subscriptions today, and make sure you clear a bit of time in your calendar.


Goal Digger Podcast

Host Jenna Kutcher talks all things digital entrepreneur in this chart-topping podcast. I found Jenna on Instagram where I started following her then signed up for her InstagramLab course. I loved the course and her podcast, with its range of topics and guests is just as good and FREE. If you want to hear about how a woman turned a $300 Craigslist camera into a multi-million dollar online business, start here. No holds barred.


Your First Million

Brace yourself for a power-packed podcast with host Arlan Hamilton. Arlan is the Founder and Managing Partner of Backstage Capital has raised more than $10M, and has invested in over 100 companies led by people of colour, women, and/or LGBTQ. Interested in making your first million dollars? Getting a million subscribers or customers? Go big with this podcast. It shot straight to the top of my new favourite thing to listen to. Go back to the start, it’s worth it.


Online Marketing Made Easy

You have probably heard of the host of this podcast, Amy Porterfield. Especially if you have ever done business online using Facebook. The queen of internet marketing, basically. This was one of the first podcasts I added my app long before I started listening to Podcast properly at all. What can I say, I used to follow the blog, we go way back. And if you want some advice on how best to marketing your blog or business online, add Amy to your list.


Brand Builders Lab

This podcast jumped off of the charting now list thanks to the colour colours and lively expression of host Suz Chadwick. Not surprising given she’s an expert in all things branding. A fairly recent episode about SEO had me hooked, I mean, we all know we should be doing SEO for our website and traffic ranking sites like Pinterest and YouTube, but it’s so dull. This conversation will give you everything you need to get started AND keep going with SEO. Start with that one, I did.


The Strategy Hour

Hosted by Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams this Podcast brings something a little different to the field thanks to their focus on productivity and often, step by step strategies to marketing and run your business. Yes, hearing success stories is always nice, but sometimes what you really want is a process to follow to get results. The Strategy Hour was my go-to podcast over summer as I worked my way through their archives. I enjoy the two-person banter and the pace of the show and think you will two.


The Dare to Grow Show

I’ve followed Sarah Morgan’s blog since the beginning of blog times. She’s been around about that long. Her blog, Sarah XO was one fo the first blogs I came across that talked about blogging. Over and over again her posts would pop up on Pinterest, long before anyone really used Pinterest to promote their blogs properly. From there, she has developed a huge brand, business and multiple successful platforms, this podcast being one of them. Into digital products and online digital sales? Let Sarah show you the way.



If you’re in need of a content strategy to support your online brand, this podcast, hosted by Anita Siek should be next on your list. Now, I’ve always been a blogger and a writer (or consider myself to be) but when it comes to generating the volume of content the modern blog/business requires on an ongoing basis, it helps to have someone on your side. Someone to bring free ideas, make suggestions and give you a no b.s. approach to it all. That’s this podcast to a tee. Worth a look; cherry-pick your favourites or listen to them all. It’s win-win.


The Confidence Chronicles 

Hosted by The Queens of Confidence herself, Erika Cramer, The Confidence Chronicles offers a raw and real insight into Erika’s life as a mother, entrepreneur and confidence coach. Short, sharp and to the point, this podcast delves into a range of topics, from self-love, toxic relationships, personal growth and money mindset. If you’re looking to shift something for yourself start here.



And that’s my list! For now. Do you have anyone that should be added to this post? I’d love to hear from you in the comments or on the socials (wherever works for you). I plan on updating this with new female hosted business podcasts as I listen to them, so make sure you save it for later to come back to when you need to be inspired. Women in business, what rockstars, right?

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Podcasts about business by female creators - Suger Coat It

Podcasts about business by female creators - Suger Coat It

Podcasts about business by female creators - Suger Coat It

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