Last night I worked until 3 am or so. I slept well but not for long enough and after a busy day today I was on the couch killing half an hour or so before dinner and dozed off. Nanna style. I must’ve been asleep for about 20 minutes or so when Hubby loudly entered the room, in the way it drives me nuts that he does and woke me. I knew then I was in trouble.


You knew as soon as you read the title of this post I was in trouble. Yes?


We’ve all done it, the dropping off to sleep and basically ruining any chance you had of an early night to recoup the sleep you missed the night before that made you so tired that you did the dropping of to sleep thing in the first place. You still with me? It’s bad news and I knew it immediately is my point. So when the dishes from dinner were packed away I looked over at Hubby and realised he was about to head to bed, I was wide awake and so I might as well do something productive.

So I did. I did all the things. I moved around some categories on the blog, I dragged out two dusty old drafts and got them ready for a second look and I drank about 2 litres of water because I felt a little behind for the day and tasting my dinner over and over again wasn’t such an appealing thing, trust me. Bad choice for dinner Suger, really bad. Horrible. There were emails sent, things followed up and movies watched as background noise.


Saturday night, I owned you.


Then once again as I found myself here, blankie over my knees to keep out the cold, I thought I should open a post and see what comes out. I should just write something for the sake of writing because I am here, wide awake and I have a blog. why not, right? One thing I found over the last few days was my love of blogging. I hadn’t actually realised it was gone until this new burst of energy arrived. Strange, right?

I had forgotten to enjoy my blog for the grassroots reasons that I get to share my life here, I get to create SOMETHING and it’s fun. It’s so much fun. I was setting up a blog for a client this week and her joy about the entire process, the excitement and thrills reminded me of my first time. My first 100, 200, 300 likes on Facebook. The time someone commented on my posts for the first time. The time I discovered that there was an entire culture of people out there who shared their lives, expertise and skills online for free.


And what thing that is!


I was at a lunch with some fellow Sunshine Coast bloggers Friday and the topic of YouTube came up. Not just in the sense of creating an audience there or blog traffic or anything but the general usefulness of it. We had all, every single one of us at that table, learnt something new on YouTube. We had all expanded our abilities, our knowledge and for me, my heart because all I watch are Soul Pancake productions mostly Kid President.

I’d forgotten my place in that I think. Taken myself too seriously and decided that blogging was serious business that I had to knuckle down to achieve. And while I thought I was getting all the things I wanted, lining all those ducks in a row, what I was getting was more of my old version of things. The serious grown-up version that I talked about in my Un-Serious post. It had shown up again. I had sucked the life and the fun out of it.


Classic Suger. Sucking all the fun. Sucking in general.


But then I saw this thing that I didn’t know was in my way and all of a sudden it wasn’t anymore. I wanted to immediately overhaul everything. So I did. I gave the blog a new look. I did the things I mentioned above and I told myself that sometimes for no reason other than to write something I would write stuff and post it. I feel wide-eyed and excited again. About my blog, about life, about the things I’ve said yes to.

I hope a little bit of that enthusiasm seeps through the page to you this Sunday morning. I hope it washes over you and does its thing to enliven you. Excitement like inspiration should be contagious, super-duper contagious. And if you’re not feeling it yet, picture for a moment a kitten rubbing itself against your leg, now imagine that kitten is me and I’m rubbing… Wait. That doesn’t sound right at all. Jeebus! Moving on.


Enthusiasm? Catch it {There will be no rubbing} and for goodness sake share it with us.

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