I can’t be the only one out there that heard there is a thirteenth star sign and freaked out a little. Because I did. I know my sister and cousin did. It’s a strange thing to admit to, I know, but I did. I’m proud of my Aries’ness.

I wear the short-temper and ambition like a badge. I nod knowingly when talk turns to loyalty and personality by the bucket load. I motivate myself with thoughts of personality traits I found mirrored in my star sign. I feel like I know myself better because of it. I love being an Aries and I feel like I AM an Aries.

But apparently, I’m a Pisces. WTF.


My sign has always been in the 5 day cusp of the changeover. I’ve always felt a little bit like a Pisces (hello writing and love of music). But I don’t feel ALL Pisces. My brother is a Pisces, or was I guess, and we are pretty different people. Ask him, he’ll tell you. He’s cool, calm and collected and I’m a nut case.

Does it even matter? No, not really. But isn’t it weird how something like this comes up and all of a sudden you’re like, sheesh. I got used to being one thing and now I’m supposed to be something else. Maybe I invested too much into this Aries thing. Probably.

And maybe I just feel personally victimised by the change and want everything back to the way it was! Is that too much to ask? I don’t think so. 12 star-signs and can we have Pluto back too, while we’re at it? That would be lovely. Stop messing with this stuff and get back to finding me an alien, please!

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