My aunt, bless her cotton socks, bought me a mug for no reason at all. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s black and white and says fashion changes but style endures. Check it out on my Instagram here. Words to live by for this fashionista, for sure. Words I’m determined to live by. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion. Fashion is a big part of personal style. Fashion is so glam and alluring and sexy. But it is style I want.

When it comes to my style I think I’m getting there. Just the other morning I reached for a necklace from the now overflowing rack that hangs on my wall. I realised something, I realised that I didn’t want to wear it. I’m not interested in big jewels and the statement necklaces. It’s just not me. If I learnt one thing about style and fashion in the last year, it’s that I need to stop trying so hard.

The only thing I need to be is myself.

I like to take on the new trends in a classic kind of way. Sure it can take me longer than some fashion bloggers to warm up to it but when I find something I like I wear that baby to death. Style means not buying up big every season but relying on a wardrobe full of basics that are timeless.

Over the years on my blog, I’ve tried some different shapes and styles, many of them in fact. It was through all this that I learnt that for me, less is more. Layers of bangles that jingle on my wrist aren’t my thing. Neither are big earrings or flashy necklaces, retro prints or sailor dresses, and neither is girly colours and whimsical textures. You know unless I’m in the mood or being ironic.

It helps that by experimenting with my style I’ve learned what I like. Through watching season after season come down the runway and noticing that those outside, the street style bloggers and fashionista’s adapt and change but stay true to what they love. That’s what I aim for myself. And not just because who can afford to keep up like that? Not meeeee.

Style means letting go of this idea that you need to be something. Style is about being you and getting dressed. But not the version of you that flops on the couch. No way. I mean the version of you that comes out when you laugh with your mouth open. The one who loves the wind in her hair out the hair window. You who is madly passionately snogging someone’s face off or who is making eyes across the room.

Style is about you shining, expressing who you are and relishing it. Let’s not ever reduce it to some formula you can perfect by putting this piece with that. I want you to be crazy in love with yourself and showing it off or at very least on your way there. Then you know you’ve got style.

Come out, come out wherever you are Wallflower.

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