I was recently invited to the Fashion Weekly Relaunch in Brisbane. Fashion Weekly is an online magazine. It’s focused on Brisbane and local clothes {and swimwear} designers, photographers and accessories designers. I packed up the fashionable and fab Olivia from Wait Until the Sunset and off we went. It is, after all essential to take friends to these things, I believe. Otherwise you just feel like a total tosser wandering around all the cool people. Ha! I’m only half kidding. Dressed and ready to go off we went.

We arrived at the snazzy venue and were given our goodie bags and a ticket for a drink. Which we picked up quickly on our way past the bar. Mmmmm. Love a chilled white wine on a Summer night. Seriously. This made me ridiculously happy to be there. And then, we ran into Paula and her bf who was waiting for Paula’s plus one to arrive. Soon the speeches began and we were under way. The runway show wasn’t for another hour or so after this, so we grabbed dinner {sushi baby} before heading in to watch the show. Check out these pics I salvaged from my first ever attempt using my camera.

And we ran into Paula!

Ben, Liv & I compare shoes. Snazzy!

Image via Wait Until The Sunset

Sometimes a girl just has to sit down & take it all in.

Some of the COOL stuff from kezini.com

Shoes baby!

I met these tall, blonde gorgeous girls and one was wearing THIS adorable socks & shoes combo.

 Liv wrote about her experience here.

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