I know I’m pretty new to this whole thing but is it just me or does blogging about clothes cost a fortune! I always seem to be buying something new, or looking something I then really want to buy, or being sent links and photos of awesome things I want to buy. Eeeeek. It’s all kinds of WOW. And I love it, I really do, I just had to say it. Woah. Who buys all those ladies the clothes from REAL label places week after week, month after month? You know, before they ‘make it’ and have everything sent to them for review..?

Do you ever wonder these things about fashion bloggers? Where all the money comes from to buy new and fabulous items week after week, month after month. I hope it’s not credit. I really do. That would be a sad thing if it was. Credit for clothes, I’d hate to ever encourage that in a reader. I am nothing if not fiscally responsible. Most of the time… You know. I don’t own a credit card. My Dad told me long ago not to bother and after a $20,000 fuck up {I know, I never use the f-bomb here, but that’s what it was} in my twenties, I can see why!

Short version. Don’t do credit for consumer things.

Like cars, Suger..!

Anyway, moving on.

It’s a weird experience for me. A personal blog really doesn’t cost more than your website and domain costs. Easy peasy. But to continue to provide content for a fashion blog, in a lot of ways you always need to be consuming. I feel a little weird about that. Excited and a little bit freaked out. More and more I find outfits I WANT to wear. Especially as I find out what my style really looks like. I love working part time, but sometimes I dream of doubling my workload so I can shop! There’s something not overly right about that… Right?

Will I somehow exchange my lifestyle, my peace of mind for money to shop with?

Gosh I hope not. Stop me if I do, would you.

I’ve worked hard to not have to work that hard.

So why then do I NEED another pair of floral pants?

Explain that to me?

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