There’s a place not far from our new house that sells fruit and vegetables like you woke up at dawn and visited a farmer’s market as the sun peaks over the horizon. But you know, all day long. That goodness, we all know I’m not a morning person. And that store, Farmer and Sun recently opened their new cafe. And short version, it’s AWESOME.

How could it not be, right?

Fresh produce, access to as much of it as they like. Throw in some great coffee, juices and smoothies and the morning tea/lunch crowd have their new favourite place to be. I talked about Epiphany Coffee a while back, they have since opened their own storefront, and it’s like that. It’s a local, whole food loving, amazing place to call home. I’m proud that both these places exist in my hometown. I hope you’ll visit them. And for now, let’s check out MORE photos of the newly renovated and open Farmer and Sun market place and cafe.

And it just so happens that when I visited was my nephew Ashton’s birthday! The little man was two. TWO. Can you even believe that? Mr Suger and I are so proud to have witnessed so much of the last year of his growth. He is this amazing little man who we are proud to have as part of our crew. And that kid, well he knows a good smoothie when he sees one. I mean, look at that face…

farmer and sun marketplace cafe gympie queensland

Want to visit Farmer & Sun? Head to the Southside Town Centre any time you’re in the area. Heck, maybe we’ll see you there. They are practically our local haunt now. Since we live around the corner and all that. If that’s just too far from home, visit their Facebook page and follow along.

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