This is the end, my friends, and to be honest I’m feeling a little sad about it. Unfortunately every dog has its day and Friends of Suger – Your Style has had hers. I wanted to say thank you to the women who shared their style journey with us. For some of them they had to step outside of their normal day to get the photos. For some, it was an exercise in self-esteem. But all did it. You guys made me proud.

And to end, I thought there should be one more Friend of Suger – your Style post and that’s mine. Many of you have seen my style evolve on this blog. I’ve gone from posting one outfit photo every few months to now two per week. I’ve grown more confident in how I like to dress and the things I will try. I’ve become better at expressing who I am because now I know who that is.

I like to mix and match items from local shops, online scores and from my favourites brands. I’ve been extremely lucky to have my wardrobe subsidised by the generosity of my brand partners. Something that for itself has developed my style and confidence. I know what I like now. I know what suits me. I know that trying something new won’t kill me and that colours aren’t the devil.

I’ve finally, now at almost 30, found my feet. And it’s a nice feeling.

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